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include in your portfolio?

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Frequently asked questions about
creating a winning robot portfolio:

What is a balanced robot portfolio?

A balanced portfolio gives takes the Frequency (number of trades a day), Opportunity (avg $ winners per trade) and risk (avg $loser per trade) for each robot for an overall portfolio reward to risk ratio you’re comfortable taking to make the money you really want. Our pre-made portfolios here, give you all you need. The custom portfolio page here, lets you add and subtract robots to a virtual portfolio before you buy. So you now exactly what to expect before you load them onto your machine.

Yes, you can. Just know that the power of creating consistent profits from robot trading comes from using them, like in a balanced pre-made portfolio here.

It's typically the same as non-robot trading, but please contact your broker for exact amount. To give you an idea of what we do: For the full size E-mini’s (S&P 500, NASDAQ, DOW, YM) we allocate $20,000 for every 10 of our e-mini robots we trade. For the E-Mini MICROS we use $10,000 for every 10 robots we trade.

All of our S&P 500 Futures day trading robots work on NinjaTrader 8 and Tradestation. With step-by-step videos in the members area to show you how to download and install everything fast. Just comes down to your preference and computer.

For the most hands-free approach, you can expect about 30 minutes total at market open and close. Once you get familiar with the bots like we’ll teach you, it will feel like child's play. Even if you have all 25 robots trading at once like we do.

Nope. Whether you’re new to day trading Futures or an experienced pro, we do recommend you get to know your bots in simulation or the E-mini micros for a few sessions before you trade the E-minis with them. So you understand how they work with your unique settings, data feed and broker.

For a balanced portfolio, we recommend 3 E-mini / E-mini Micro bots up to all 25. Depending on your account size and trading goals.

Everything you need to get started is in the members area. However, for those who want to learn to scale their results and create wealth you may also be interested in our Robot Lab here.

Even More Reasons You’ll Day trading
With a Balanced Robot Portfolio:

  • Realize more consistent profits faster with your bots

    With our pre-made robot portfolios you can be up trading as soon as your next session. Or create your own custom portfolio in minutes -- before you even buy. Either way, you’ll have the full power to optimize for hedge-fund level risk adjusted returns. Without all the costly trial and error trading trying to get multiple bots from different vendors work how you want.

  • Slash Your Draw Downs

    You know, even robots have losses right? It’s true. That’s why the more bots you have taking profits from the market with different methods, the less draw down your entire portfolio is proven to experience. Helping you rest easy. Knowing your losers always cut fast. So even on down days, your bots small winners can make a massive difference in the profits you keep.

  • Protect Yourself Against Moody Market Conditions

    Ever wonder why so many hedge funds and institutional traders have an army of analysts watching every tick of the S&P 500 Futures markets? Protection. Against short and long term global news and economic threats. Now, your robots will happily slave away, protecting your trades, like an M.B.A. hedge fund analysts. Without you ever having to give them vacation days!

  • Give Yourself a Shot to Create Real Wealth on Auto-Pilot

    Even if you could win 100% of your trades without robots, you’re still missing dozens of opportunities every day to build wealth from Futures. That’s why putting as little as 3 robots to work for you in the E-minis or Micros can exponentially scale your results. Faster than you ever imagined.

  • Guarantee #1: "Love it or Replace It"

    If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not happy with your bot we’ll replace it with one you do love, no questions asked.

  • Guarantee #2: "10 Year Trading Edge"

    Which says, if you don’t get the same backtest results we do with each bot’s 1:1 to 10:1 trading edge, we’ll refund every penny.

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